Two confessions and a favour!
I just decided to write a mini post. Why not! Hurray to improvisation! I’m in this kind of relaxing mood where I feel like sharing two exciting things going on in my life these days so here I go.

1. I’m flying to Spain on Monday. Yay! 

Oh I love Spain in winter, especially in the arms of my love, who I haven’t seen for the last four months  

Townsville (Australia) – Madrid is a 35h trip that I have done 7 times already. Seven. It’s long but I’m taking my yarn and hooks with me so everything is good. Plus I have so many plans awaiting for me there. 

I’m going to see my nephew who turned one and I wasn’t there to hug him tight. I will hug him and repeat my name an infinite number of times until he says something (whatever) remotely similar to Marta. Anything will make me happy. Even “ma”. Ok not that, that would be my sister.

Other plans I have: 

Make cupcakes with my nieces. 

Chitchat with my big sista for neverending hours. 

Eat tapas with parents. 

Kidnap a few friends and hide.

Crochet nonstop.

Be in the arms of my love who I haven’t seen in the last four months. 

Oh already said that.

2. I’m now on Instagram too! Do you have an account? I hope so! Look for me and talk to me there ^_^ Find me as thebluuroom and please be aware that I’m completely new at this! You can also look at my Instagram feed on the top righ of my facebook page. I really hope to see you there!

Four of my first attempts to take cool instagram pics

3. Ok yes, I know the plan was a list of two things but I’m adding a third thing because today it’s all about improvising, right? Also there is this annoying thing that happened with the poll I launched last week that I need to share with you. Those who follow me on Facebook will know by now that the morning after I posted the poll I woke up to discover that all the votes had magically dissapeared. That was very frustrating. Very. Frustrating. However, this problem is now fixed and the survey is now going on HERE. It is a super easy survey where I ask you what is your favorite DAY and TIME of the week for me to post a blog update. It will take you 2 seconds to answer and it will make me so very happy! Your vote is completely anonymous so don’t be shy! Remember to check TWO answers, unless you don’t have any preferences. Then you can check “any time is good!”

If you had already voted, could you please do it again? muah! ;)

And that is all for today! This is definitely not a mini post.

As always loving your comments below  

Love ya!


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  1. Que bien que puedas pasar unos días “en casa”.
    Que tengas buen viaje… En todas esas horas, igual puedes tejer algo. Aunque ahora que lo pienso, igual no se puede subir un ganchillo a un avión… un arma de construcción masiva :D!!

    Un abrazo,


    1. ¡Muchas gracias Montse! La verdad que es un gustazo volver al origen, sobretodo para pasar las Navidades :) En el viaje estuve crocheteando, por supuestoo. Hasta ahora nunca me han dicho nada de las agujas… y eso que esta vez llevaba una tunecina grande ^_^ Puse alguna foto en el feed de Instagram en Fb si tienes cuenta y te apetece cotillear :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blu%C3%BC/234422203288335?sk=app_267091300008193

      ¡Un beso grande y muchas gracias por tu mensajito! Son mi parte favorita de los posts :)


  2. Hola de nuevo! Me está encantando leer tus posts……a ver si me pongo al día rápido. Yo ahora utilizo la hora del desayuno para leerlos…antes de empezar con todo lo demás. Un besito!