The making of ‘Online Corchet Course’ [Part 1] 
I can’t believe it’s already Monday. This last week has been so busy and so fun that time just flew away! For those who follow Bluu’s facebook probably know by now that the filming of the online crochet course is on track. Yay! Last Thursday my great friend Tomás arrived from Sydney packed with his camera, lenses, filters and wisdom to film some of the most beautiful scenes for the crochet workshop. 

We drove all around the city with all kind of props for the filming: hooks, baskets, hats, mittens, covers… all sweet crochet stuff!

We filmed in some beautiful scenarios like in an old Queenslander (typical house from Queenslsand)

Of course, we went to the strand and filmed right next to the beach.

In just a couple of days Tomás did an amazing job and filmed some beautiful and creative shots.

Back home we started filming the first chapters of the workshop: all you need to know about hooks and yarn!

And late at night we both worked hard on the editing of the first chapters.

Phew! So much done in such little time!! I can’t wait to start working on the next chapters. I’m going to have to hold my self soooo much not to tell you some of the workshop surprises I’m preparing for you! ppmmmfff%$%·43!! ^_^

But I will be good and will keep my mouth shut! At learst for now…

As always, willing to read you in the comment section!

Have a lovely week!


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