H E L P. Please read carefully and with love.
I knew this day would come. I was hoping it wouldn’t… but deeply in my heart I knew it would. Today is the day I’m asking you: THE QUESTION. But before that, I should tell you a bit of a story. I  promise I’ll try to keep it short ^_^

Most of you know by now that although I’m Spanish I live in Australia. I’ve been living here for the past 3 years and before that I lived in countries such as Brazil and The Seychelles. I LOVE travelling and during my trips I’ve been very lucky to meet lots of beautiful people from all around the world. The day I created Bluü I was living in Australia and so it was obvious to me to write the blog in English because most of my friends and my everyday life goes on in English. Ten months later I am so happy that I created Bluü! I am in love with the feeling of writing, taking pictures, creating tutorials,  giving classes, meeting you all… Bluü is getting bigger everyday and I know that this is just the beginning of a beautiful story 

The funny thing is that although I’ve always written in English, the stats of your visits show that:

  • 51% of you live in countries where your official language is Spanish.
  • 37% of you live in countries where your official language is English
  • 12% of you live in countries where your official language is other than English or Spanish – BUT English is probably your second language.
Weird. Why is this? I donno. Maybe there is more crochet going on in Spain and Latin America! In addition (with a few lovely exceptions), I am starting to receive far more comments and messages from people who speak to me in Spanish (¡Gracias! Me encanta leeros ^_^) rather than English. All of this suggests that most of my readers (you! ) probably speak Spanish much better than English. To complicate things a bit more, in less than a month I will move back to Spain for good. Once there I know that visits from Spain will increase significantly.

So you must be guessing right. My big (scary) question is: Should I write this blog in Spanish? I know that many of you must be thinking NONONONO But others are probably praying YESYESYESYES. So, I need to know how many of you are thinking YES and how many are saying NO! ^_^ Regardless of your thoughts you should know a few things:

  1. If I switch my blog to Spanish, the posts that are in English will remain like that.
  2. My corchet online course for beginners will be available both in English and Spanish.
  3. I don’t mind the language of the comments or emails and will always answer in which ever language you use (err… English or Spanish only please!)
  4. As always, I will try to put as many pictures as posible in my tutorials so you won’t even need to read the text.
  5. For either English and Spanish, google translator is not the best but it somehow works! 
To HELP ME you only need to answer my big question HEREThis survey will be available during this month and I will really appreciate your opinion! (Answers are completely anonymous!) I want Bluü to be the best for you and at this point I thought I could ignore the stats ^_^

What do you think? Today is the perfect day to use the comment section! ¡Cuéntame qué opinas!

Love ya! 


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6 comentarios en “
    1. ¡Gracias Theresa! Eres un amor :) ¡Te deseo muchísima suerte con la tesis! ¿Cuánto te queda? Igualmente ya sabes que el ganchillo siempre es una manera estupenda de quitarse estrés de encima… ¡asi que no lo abandones del todito! Los tutoriales no se moverán y te estarán esperando ansiosos a que termines ❤

      ¡Un beso!


  1. Hola Marta.
    Así que “back to Spain” ehh? Ya he votado! Empiezo con el crochet en agosto y tus cositas me gustan mucho, aunque leer tus post en inglés no sean gran problema, no se que tal me las voy apañar con los patrones.

    Un saludo!!

    1. Siiiii back to Spain! No veas qué ganas tengo ^_^ ¿Empiezas clases de crochet en agosto? ¡Cuéntame! Qué ilusión tener otra ganchillera en el mundoooooo.

      No te preocupes por el idioma. Si sigue en inglés los tutoriales serán fáciles de seguir con las fotos y los patrones siempre que pueda los traduciré al español ¡Prometido! :)

      Un beso,

    1. ¡Gracias Coru! ^_^ Pues lo cierto es que nací en Barcelona ❤ Me llevaron a Madrid muy prontito pero me encanta la ciudad y me siento conectada a ella :) ¡En cuanto tenga el momento me escaparé de visita!

      Un beso,