After the chain tutorial. 3 techniques. 
Even when you’ve been crocheting for many years, there is always something new to learn about crochet. This is not bad news, it’s exciting! This is what makes crochet a very interesting craft and I always love it when I find out new tricks or techiniques that were unknown to me before. 

A few months ago I found myself in this situation when I discovered there are in fact three ways to insert the hook into the very first chain of a project. I’ve prepared this very simple tutorial for those who – like me – did not know about this. 

Ok, first of all and before I start describing the 3 techniques there are two things we need to get out of the way. First, you need to know that a chain has a front and a back side. Second, you need to be able to identify each stitch in a chain and you can easily do this by looking for a V-shape (front) or a hump (back). Let’s look at the following pictures:

The above picture shows the FRONT side of a chain of 13 stitches. You can identify each stitch by counting the Vs. I’ve marked one of the Vs in red so you know exactly what I’m talking about. You shouldn’t have any problem identifying all the stitches in this chain because I used (on purpose) a very thick yarn that makes each stitch very obvious. Most of the times you will use a thinner yarn that makes the counting a bit more tricky. Also, you need to make sure your stitches are as neat as possible. When they all look the same it is easier to distinguish one one stitch from another.

This picture shows the BACK side of the same chain. Can you tell the diference? If you look very closely you can see there are no Vs anymore. Instead, there are lined up bumps all along the chain. In this picture I’ve also marked one bump in red for you to see it.

As easy as it sounds now, I know that identifying chain stitches is one of the main things that people struggle with when starting to crochet. If this is your case I’m sure you will look at a chain in a very different way now: Ahaaa! Gotcha!! :)

Let’s talk about what happens after the chain. This is to me the most difficult part when learning how to crochet: you need to insert the hook into each chain stitch. This is why identifying chain stitches is so important. But believe me, once you’ve passed the chain, crocheting is a piece of cake! So don’t stress out when working on the chain and don’t you ever think crochet is not your thing. We’ve all been there, believe me!  However, in this tutorial I won’t show you how a single stitch or any other stitch is done. The aim of the tutorial is to show you that there is not only 1 but 3 different ways in which you can insert the hook into the chain. This is a very important piece of information whether you already know how to crochet or you are just beginning to learn.

So, let’s get into it!

1. Inserting hook into the side of the chain. This means you’ll insert the hook and crochet around only one side of the V. This is,  you will work around only one yarn. This is the most common way and probably the easiest one. It allows you to add yarn on both sides of the chain if for example you finish your work and you want to add an edging of a different colour (or same colour) to that first chain.

2. Inserting hook into the V. This is when you grab both yarns of the V leaving the back bump aside. This is a very neat technique as it will show a line of bumps along behind. With this technique you can also add an edging if you want to. For this you will only need to insert the hook to grab the bump. 

3. Inserting hook into the bump. Very straight forward! You  insert the hook and crochet only around the bump. The beauty of this technique resides in that it will show a chain (or Vs) on the other side of the work. You will understand this better once you’ve tried it yourself!

So now is when you try all 3 techniques and you tell me what you think about them! Do you prefer one technique over another?  Have you heard about them before? Need help? Tell me all about this below, I will love to read your comment! And if you want to share with me a picture of your favorite technique or any other techniques you love, you can now do it here! Learn more about the crochet superstars’ club here 

Share this tutorial with your friends if you think it will help them become better crocheters :)

Have a great weekend!!


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